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The new sport of Crossball was created by Abdirizak from England in 2012. Crossball is a sport consists of 8 players, an elliptical field and ball size of a tennis ball. Their aim is to score as many goals as possible.


It is an outdoor ball game. The ball should be weighing at least 1/4 of a pound (112g) and the size of a tennis ball, which is around 2.9 inch (11.6mm).

There are 8 players in the team, with five positions. There are goalkeeper, three defenders, a centre, two wingers and an attacker (shooter/looper).

The number of the team is based on the position (i.e. 8 players in the team, meaning they can only be up to 8 numbers in crossball (1-8).

1: Goalkeeper
2: Centre Defense
3: Right Defense
4: Left Defense
5: Centre
6: Left Winger
7: Shooter
8: Right Winger

Substitutions are allowed, however, coach can only bring up to 6 players in but they can only swap after the period of game is finished.

The length of the game is 6 periods of 9 minutes each. They can swap each game of 6, which means two teams will have equal playing side or scoring side.

However, if the game ends in draw, overtime will be played in extra 15 minutes in 1 game. If the game ends with a draw, including overtime, visitor/ away team wins, with the exception of tournaments because of the host nation. In case, the team will be put into throw-offs. In preliminary group games, match can be tolerated into a draw.

The length of the pitch is 51 yards (45.9 meters) and 20 yards (18.6 meters) wide. The shape of the game is elliptical. Between the goal and halfway line is the 10 yard line. This is where opponents cannot step or pass without defense, otherwise it is offside.

Inside the box is the keeper. It is where opponents cannot step on it. The punishment would be rewarded a throw for a keeper or defense optionally. Goalkeeper is the only position that can elbow, shoulder, knee and kick the ball, inside or out.

During game play, when the player possesses the ball, they cannot make a single move nor pivot. They have to hold still for ten seconds, if they don't, the opponents have a free throw. They need to make a quick throw. They are not allowed to make ball contact.


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