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Cornerball is a new sport created by Blake Austin from London, England in 2013. In general, two teams of 13 players try to pass the ball around in order to receive points by hitting one of two opponent's corner flags. You get points based on how you hit the flag. At the end of the game, the team with the most points is the winner.

General Play

Each team has 13 players totaling 26 players on a playing field at one time (minus officials) the game has 4 quarters of 25 minutes. meaning each game is 100 minutes long. there are a lot of rules to consider e.g.:each player can only pass backwards, they cannot cross the halfway line, a player being held must release the ball after 5 seconds(etc...). if in tournament game it is to end in a draw, golden goal will decide the winner.

The playing field

Cornerball is played on a rectangular playing field. the playing field is normally grass but also works on wooden floor as well at the 4 corners of the playing field are flags. each surrounded by a semi circle around it. It is then split into two halves by a halfway line in the middle of it. Around the sides are lines evenly spread across the pitch.


each team has 13 players. 2 corner keepers, 5 defenders, 5 attackers and a 'captain'. each position is designed for different purposes.

the corner keepers stand on the quarter circles around the corner flag and their job is to defend the corner flag and stop the opposite team from scoring. the keeper cannot leave his line or a penalty is awarded to the opposing team. the keeper needs to have good reflects and balance to make the saves with little room to move.

defenders do as the name implies. they defend their flag by tackling the opposing players and preventing them from making it to the team flags. defenders have to be strong as this is a full-contact sport as it can get really physical. They also need to be careful as defenders have the biggest amount of foul possibilities so they need to know what they are doing. They cant cross the halfway line or a penalty is awarded. They can pass only to other defenders or to the captain for the play to move forward.

attackers have the job of scoring the points. they must pass the ball around the opposing defense to try to get a shot at the other team flags. depending on how they shoot, they will be awarded a certain amount of points. the main ref will give 3 points for a throw and 5 points for a kick. they need to be agile to pass defenders and must have good accuracy to hit the thin target.
captain is the key player for the team. unlike the other players, they can pass the halfway line, they can pass to anyone, (etc...) most rules don't apply to this player. his job is to help play progress in all areas of the pitch. this player must be very all-rounded to help in all areas of the game.


to prevent unfair play in the game. there are several officials for each specific area. and if necessary, the refs will turn to eagle eye to check the decisions.

the main ref stands on the playing field to make the overall decisions which will be made. the line refs on each length side will watch play to see if any player is to go pass the halfway line if the keeper comes off his line. there are scorers who watch the flag and judge wether there was a touch or not if needed. the keeper line has sensors to see if they do step off their lines. and if all else fails, there is eagle eye to check decisions.

rules and consequences:

when player break rules,depending on the foul committed, will result in either a penalty 1 or penalty 2.If a player commits certain fouls, he may receive a numbered warning, warning 1,2 or 3. After 3 warnings, the player is then removed from the rest of the game and the next 2 game safer that, a penalty 1 is the players choice of a throw, kick forward or a tap penalty. penalty 2 is the captain getting a free charge at the opponents flags at and the keeper gets to stop the shot. each foul has a different penalty.

foul name-what it is-whom it applies-consequence



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