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Clashlifting is a new sport invented by Sinisa Knezevic from Croatia in 2014. Clashlifting is a completely new kind of sport competition where power lifters will be clashed by random selection of one against the other in a cup racing system, one on one, the power to the power.

Equipment Required: Standard powerlifting equipment: weight plates, bars, combo rack, lifting platform if there is a need. Lifters should be dressed as they are in powerlifting.

Sport Description

The bench press (or any other lifting discipline) competition takes place in the cup system, where couples compete, one lifter against the other. The pairs are determined by random method of selection. 

Facing two lifters takes place in two lifting, two attempts. The winner is the one who has better point score (Wilks points i.e., determined by weight lifted and own weight). The winner passes to the next round of competition where the opponent is also determined by random method. Competition stages take place until the finals, until the last two competitors. 

But, what's the catch? 

Before first duel, athlete should announce his starting weight to lifting. Lifting weight during the competition can be only increased by a minimum of 2.5kg (1kg for women) between two attempts in one stage of the competition.  

The competitor with a weaker points score announce the first weight for the second attempt while the better competitor answers to the challenge. Between the stages of the competition the weight from the last round could be kept or increased, there are no decreasing in lifting weights.

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