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Cirquer is an invented stick and ball sport where the offense has to try and push a big ball into a circle without the defense pushing the ball out with their sticks.

Equipment Required: Four horizontal bars, one big rubber ball.

Sport Description

The game starts when an offensive player rolls the ball out of the center circle (red circle in the center). The offensive team have to push the ball out of the blue circle (clearing circle) but inside the black circle (boundary circle) to make a ball eligible for scoring.

If the defenders push the ball with their bars into the center red circle before the ball gets out of the blue circle, it is recorded as a handover (50 tallies) for the defensive team. However once the ball is out of the blue circle and inside the black circle, the offensive team has to try and push the ball back into the center circle.

If the defensive team pushes the ball outside of the boundary circle it is recorded as a rollout. But if the ball rolls out of the boundary circle and into one of the outer red circles (handover circles) it is recorded as a handover.

If the offensive team successfully rolls the ball into the center circle without it going out of bounds, it is recorded as a rollover (100 tallies).

An offensive team has four rolls (or attempts) to score. If a handover or rollover is recorded then the roll count remains the same, otherwise if a rollout is recorded then the roll count declines.

Challenges are allowed but rolls will be subtracted or added if the challenge is unsuccessful.

Penalties can also result in addition or subtraction of rolls depending on which side the penalty occurred. The two important penalties in the game is elevation and contacting.

If the ball is pushed higher than the level of the bars, then one roll will be subtracted from the offensive team. If a defensive player noticeably hits an offensive player with their bar then a roll will be added to the offensive team.

big red ball

There are 30 periods in a game. The away team has the odd number periods and the home team has the even number periods. If the game is tied after 30 periods then extra rolls will occur.

Teams go back and forth facing off one on one on offense and defense and the team that scores and successfully defends will win the game (similar to a hockey shootout format).

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