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Centerball is a new sport created by McKay Clemens from the USA in October 2018. Centerball is kind of like a mix of rugby and ultimate frisbee, where two teams try to steal the other ball from the team and get it to the goal in the middle. You can only take five steps and then you have to pass it to someone on your team. The goal has to be in the center of the yard or wherever you are playing. 

Another Centerball?

A similar sport called centerball was created by Timothy Berry, this is his message to Topend Sports:

"Centerball was not created by McKay Clemens from the USA in October 2018. It was created by Timothy and Baruch Berry in August of 2012 in Lansing Michigan. I, Timothy Berry filed for a Patent search in 2014 via Kings and Partners PLC in Holland Michigan. In 2016 I applied for LLC for the International Centerball League. I proceeded also to file a patent on the Intellectual property right at McKellar IP Law PLLC, Midland, MI on August 29th 2016 (USPTO Application # 15/249,551). Though the application was rejected I did file and appeal that was also rejected. To add to this I have video evidence of the forming and evolution of the sport and a variety of people playing it dating back to 2015 and on."

The International Centerball League was once found at

Equipment Required: a soccer ball or volleyball, a hula hoop for the goal post

Sport Description

  1. There is are at least two players on each team 
  2. When moving, you can take 5-10 steps but in between those steps or on ten, you have to throw it up in the air 
  3. You can only intercept the ball when it is in the air 
  4. If you just step in the middle without passing, then it is the other person's ball 
  5. If the ball hits the ground, then the person who the ball touched last, it is the opposite person's turn 
  6. The goal has to be in the center of a rectangular field (hence the name "Centerball") 
  7. When one team has just scored or dropped the ball and it is the other team's ball, you have to start at the end of each field and pass it to get the point. 
  8. If you want to play but you have only three players, one team can have one player 
  9. If one team has only one player, then that player can throw the ball up in the air and catch it instead of passing 
  10. You cannot hit a player's hand when they have the ball other it is a penalty on you and have to sit out for 1:30 and that team gets a point.

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