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Cash Money Ball

The new sport of Cash Money Ball was created by Christine Aschoff from New Jersey, USA in November 2017. Cash Money Ball requires students to work together as a team.

It is a game played with two hula hoops, a larger sized ball and about 9 players on each team. The aim of Cash Money Ball is to get the ball to your teammate (banker) in the hula hoop on the other team's side. If the team gets the ball to their banker they receive a point (dollar). The team with the most cash money wins.


Each team should have 9 players on the field. There should be 3 offensive players (right wing, center, and left wing) 3  midfielders (left mid, center mid and right mid), 2 defensive players (left and right), and 1 banker (person in the hoop).

The ball may be kicked or thrown to someone else but the person with the ball is only allowed three steps until they must get rid of the ball. There is no grabbing or kicking the person with the ball. Smacking the ball out of the hand is also not allowed. This game should be played with a ball larger than a kickball.

To gain cash money or a point each team must get the ball to their banker on the other side. The banker can not step out of the hula hoop to get the ball. They must catch it cleanly to gain the money. The game has two 20 minute halves. If a team scores the other team then has possession. There is no stop time in the game unless a team takes a time out. They are allowed 2 time outs per half.

Equipment Required: 2 hula hoops, pinnies for 1 team, ball larger than a kickball.

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