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Brennan Ball

The new sport of Brennan Ball was created by New Zealander Brennan Hawkins in September 2013. It is a mix between Rugby, Football and Grid Iron. This sport is still currently being designed and is still in alpha stages. Brennan Ball is a full-contact sport in which the goal is to score a grid. There is 12 players on a team each with a special position. You can pass the ball forward or even kick it as long as its passed from a player standing in the prime zone to the game keep successfully.

Brennan Ball was invented by Brennan Hawkins as a way to make a Rugby, Football and Grid Iron like sport. It is played with a oval ball and on a field the same size a s a rugby field. There is no posts.

sport-description: The general idea of Brennan Ball is to score more points than the other team. The game is begun with a kick off from half way. Where the ball is then run, kicked or passed to the players in the team. The ball can be passed forward but is forward if dropped forward or in a forward pass. Once the ball has reached the prime zone, to score the ball has to passed to the game keep in the game keep for 2 points to be awarded. Another point can be scored if the ball is then passed to the player who passed it to the game keep by the game keep in 30 after the grid is scored. The player must be out of the prime zone. The ball carrier can be tackled by anyone on the opposition as long as it complies with the tackle rules. A full length game last for 80 minutes and is split into two halves. If the ball goes out of the field the teams have an outset in which the teams line up like a line out but facing each other and the ball is tossed in. Generally a ruck is formed after this where the ball is recycled to the setline.

brennan ball Equipment Required

A oval ball preferably a rugby ball

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