Blindfolded Wrestling Ball

The new sport of Blindfolded Wrestling Ball was created Jake Parker from England, in 2019. Blindfolded Wrestling Ball combines elements of wrestling and being blind and ball sports.

Equipment Required: Padding (optional) ball of any kind except rugby or American football.

Sport Summary

The objective is to get the ball (any type) to the goal at the other side of the pitch and score which is worth 5 points, after halftime the points are doubled to make it more interesting.

Pitch is 100m by 45m and at each end is a 10 by 10 meter goal without net.

Teams of 11, 1 goalkeeper, 1 runner which runs with the ball, 5 wrestlers which try and wrestle the other team. 3 defenders which try and defend their goal from the runners and wrestlers. There is also a kicker which has the job of kick er ball for the runner.

At the start of a game you can position the team in any position but the kicker has to be at the sides, or wings, the defenders at the back next to the goalkeeper and the keeper can't move out of the ring around the goal.

If the ball goes out of play it is a wrestle for the ball with the team who didn't touch it last getting an advantage. When starting the game the referee bounces it in the middle of the pitch.  

You are allowed to do everything in wrestling. Not allowed to go in goalkeepers ring  
. Goalkeeper can't use feet  
. Goalkeeper can't come out of the ring  
. Allowed to kick but not throw the ball or bounce it to your opponent, your have to punch it  
. You can rip the ball or intercept or tackle the player  
. If the player looses it the fastest player to get it keeps it  
. 2x 30 minute halfs, Golden goal if a draw at the end of time  

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