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Billiard Croquet Game & Billiard Golf Croquet Game

The sport Croquet Games and its variation Billiard Golf Croquet Game was created by Gregory Russell Gibson from the USA in January 2018. Pro-golfers who are seniors can now get back into the masters as if they were young in their prime all over again because of not requiring any golf ball yardage as in driving range for distance.

Billiard Golf Croquet GameBilliard Golf Croquet Game

Equipment Required: Billiard Golf Croquet Game uses 3 modified special putters club of your choice to play the game for different position because of the bumper pool post rubber ring. 

This sport Billiard Golf Croquet Game is for pro level minds of a golf player @ any age. The Billiard Golf Croquet Game is a ground level surface, 37' feet wide & 55' feet length. The Billiard Golf Croquet Game ground level surface uses a special modified somewhat like a pool table felt cloths that has also the same exact superior billiard pool table ball roll effect for the use of the same regulation size billiard pool balls & with lighter weight of the balls.

Billiard Golf Croquet Game uses 3 modified special putters, club of your choice throughout the course of the game. The wickets used in the game has been replaced with new and improved bumper pool post rubber ring like you see being used in an ordinary bumper pool table. The laser beam you see on both side of the game floor green turf sitting low and in front of the long rails on each sides are penalty sound when your ball accidently touch the laser beam light. Your ball touch the laser beam light then you'll hear a sound of a yacht horn which will add an extra stroke or strokes to your game score.

To start the Billiard Golf Croquet Game at first, you have to make your first put from your white dot by the golf cup hole to do a bank-shot roll off the short rails of your choice right side or left side to have your ball rolling in the right direction & stop right in front of your bumper pool post rubber ring to begin the game. The width between each bumper pool post rubber ring used as a wicket is a very much smaller in width then your standard ordinary width of a wicket for outdoors only. Only pro golfers are able to put the ball through the bumper pool post rubber ring without touching the rubber rings.

Otherwise the ball will bounce off one rubber ring and then off the other rubber ring causing the ball to bounce backward starting over again. To have the ball able to go through both sets of bumper pool post rubber ring without touching, your percentage would be 1 out of 10 tries. As times goes on you can be a pro golfer no matter what your age is challenging the billiard golf croquet game. This is why the billiard golf croquet game is a time consuming game for the challenge and the enjoyment of competing for the masters like the PGA.

Rules of the new sport game for Billiard Golf Croquet Game starts out with your basic rules and including new rules added on. Rules for the new sport game can possibly also vary for each city, states, & countries.

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