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Bench Football

The new sport of bench football was created by Michael Oscar de Oliveira from South Africa in June 2018. In bench football, two teams play against each other with one bench in the middle which a team can score from any side according to the rules.

bench football bench football


Kick off:  Starts when a player plays the ball to a teammate from the boundary facing the bench. One cannot score from kickoff nor kick the ball the other side of the field. 


When a shot occurs outside the box around the bench and goes through the bench then it is a goal given to the team that put the ball through the bench 

One cannot block the a shot standing inside the box that surrounds the bench and if it to occur then the team who blocked the shot concedes a penalty 

Fouls, Boundaries and Freekicks: 

Fouls and cards are same as that of a 11 vs 11 football match with the exception of sliding. Slide tackles are not allowed at all.  

If the ball goes out the boundary the ball is given to the opposite team that lost possession which they kick in from the spot that it went out. However, you not allowed to kick the ball to the other half straight from the boundary 

Foul in the box is penalty. Anywhere else is taken as a Direct or Indirect freekick which is optional to the taker resulting in a straight shot or a pass if the latter is chosen 

Time limit:  25 minutes a half with a total of 2 halfs 

Teams: 4 vs 4 with 2 sub's allowed yet the team can have 4 options

Equipment Required: A custom made bench, a size 5 soccer ball and a 50m by 30m field

bench football bench football play

More Info: video

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