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The new sport of BattleBoats was created by Henry Purcell (aka Harris Parcek) from the USA in 2018. In BattleBoats, two teams of four players each compete to score more touchdowns than their opponent. However, the entire sport takes place in a pool, and three players on each team ride inflatable animals, or "mounts."

Sport Description


One player from each team is chosen to stand outside the pool on opposite ends from the other. These players are known as "receivers." The other three players ("backs") on each team ride on their inflatable animals at the end closest to their opponent's receiver. 

Starting Play: 

The referee drops the ball in the center of the pool, then signals for the game to begin. This action is done again after every score. 

Moving and Scoring: 

Players may hit or carry the ball with any part of their body. If they fall from their mount, then they must move out of the way of play until they can return to their upright position. Scoring occurs when the receiver catches the ball while out of the pool, and, known as a Touchdown, is worth three points. If the receiver catches the ball in midair above the pool (a Catch Rule Score), they earn 2 points for their team. 


It is not permitted for any defender to initiate contact on a rider while that rider is in possession of the ball or attempting to be in possession, nor is it permitted for any player to touch the receiver. Riders who have fallen from their mounts, known as "castaways," may not touch the ball or any other player until they have returned to their mount, nor may they or their mount be touched by the other team. It is permitted to push a player from their mount.

Equipment Required: 8 Inflatable Pool Animals (2 extra), 1 Pool, medium to large in size, and five or more feet deep. Optional: Gloves, Goggles, Swim Cap. The gloves, goggles, swim caps, and animals can match their team colors, though this is not required.

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