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The new sport of Batterball was created by Maquaza from Japan in early 2019. Batterball is a sort of version of cricket and baseball combined but way simpler. It is played on a round field 100m on each side of the field. 

Equipment Required: Wooden 60mm diameter ball, a wooden rectangular bat, a 1m wooden wall, safety equipment (helmets, gloves, etc) and a round field. 

Sport Description

On one end of the field there is a small wooden wall, of the height of 1m. It is located at the very start of the round field. 10m more into the middle of the field, (I'll use an example that Team 1 are playing against team 2) a Team 1 player (Position: Thrower and Batter) throws a 60mm diameter wooden ball at their teammate who is exactly in front of the wall (This player is also a Thrower And Batter).

Once the ball is thrown, the player beside the wall has to hit it with their bat. The bat is a 3D rectangle (cuboid) made of wood with a handle to hold it. If they miss the ball, that is 50 points to team 2. If the ball bounces on the ground before being hit, 50 points to team 2. If the ball is hit or missed with the bat but is off target of the wall (off target of the wall means that if there was no one there to bat it, it wouldn't have hit the wall), 50 points to team 2.

Once the team 1 player is throwing the ball to another team one player beside the wall to bat, The Team 2 Catchers (Catchers is a position in Batterball) will try to catch the ball. Let's say they catch the ball after 22 seconds after it was hit, that is 22 points to Team 1. So, the more seconds it takes the team 2 Catchers to catch the ball, the more points team 1 will get.

There are 5 Catchers and 5 Batters/Throwers on each team. So, to play a match you need 20 people. While the Team 1 players are batting, the Team 1 Catchers are resting. If a ball is thrown (weather batted successfully or not), the batter that was just batting comes to the throwing section and the guy that was throwing, now is batting. Then once ball thrown another batter comes on and another Thrower come on and so on.

After 10 throws (no matter if successfully batted or not), The Team 1 Catchers now come on the pitch while the Team 1 batters exit the pitch and into the resting area. Now the process repeats but Team 1 is catching and Team 2 is batting. After 10 throws from team 2 (successfully batted or not) Team 1 is now batting while Team 2 is now catching again.

This process continues for 1 hour with no breaks. For example, let's say the final score after 1 hour of playtime is Team 1-408points   Team 2-456points, Team 2 will win the match. 

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