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This is a simple sport but interesting new sport invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya from Nagpur (Maharashtra) of India in the year 2018. One ball thrown ahead, and multiple attempts are used to try and hit the first ball further away.


Sport Description

In this sport there may be two teams formed or individuals may compete with other individuals.  

Two balls are used in this sport. One ball (A) is for throwing ahead and other ball (B) is used to hit the first ball. In any open ground one start point is fixed by using a wooden peg or by marking that start point. Before starting the sport all the participant has to fix the total number of chances to be given to each player. Say for example 10 chances. 

When player has to start the sport then he will stand on the starting point. Then he will throw the ball A some distance apart as per his convenience so that he himself should be able to hit that ball A by using throw of another ball B. The ball A should be thrown as long as possible so as to get more marks but if it is not touched by single throw of another ball (B) then it will not add the marks.

After throwing the ball A the player will hit that ball with ball B. if this try became successful then the distance between start point up to the ball A will be measured in feet or meters. In this way total 10 times the player will play. When the attempt became successful then those distances will be added to the total score of that player.

If ball B do not hit or touch ball A then attempt become unsuccessful and no points will be added.

When the play is played by forming teams then total of every team player will be added in the total of the team points. There are two options the first is to start the play every time from starting point and second option is to move ahead every time by standing on the point where ball A reached during last attempt. First option is good when this sport is played in small ground or indoor and second option is preferred when the available ground is big enough.

The distance can be measured by tape.

It is not necessary that the target ball A should be hit directly, but it can also be touched by ball B by just rolling it on the ground and then touching the ball A. Hence both the advantage of land topography as well as throwing skill along with own judgment can be taken.

The player /team whose total is higher will be declared winner.

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