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The new sport of Ballnastics was created by David from the USA in December 2015. Ballnastics is a form of gymnastics using an exercise ball as the apparatus. There are a variety of skills that can be performed on an exercise ball ranging from simply balancing to flipping off of the ball. Much like gymnastics, the goal of ballnastics is to perform a series of connected skills of ranging difficulties in a way that is unique and spectacular. The only equipment required for ballnastics is a large exercise ball and an open space to perform tricks.


As of right now, ballnastics is not competitve and is simply in the process of becoming a known sport. The rules would be very similar to gymnastics though. A series of judges would observe the performer and then provide a score based off of difficulty and execution. The performer would be deducted points for mistakes such as falling off of the ball or having bad form.

Ballnastics could easily be done on any spring floor. There would be an area drawn on the floor that the ball must stay inside to receive maximum points. A mounter skill onto the ball would first be done, followed by skills on the ball, and finally a dismount skill off of the ball.

Ballnastics DemonstrationBallnastics Demonstration

See a Ballnastics tutorial on youtube: Find an exercise ball and get started because ballnastics is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it!

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