Ball Bros

The new sport of Ball-Bros was created by Anton Mc Eneaney from Ireland in August 2016. The sport is a mix between soccer, Gaelic football, Gaelic hurling and tennis. A player uses a racket (similar to a tennis one) and a ball (also like a tennis one). To score you must hit the ball into the net by throwing it into the net, kicking it into the net, heading it into the net and hitting into the net with the racket.


A playing field is 60 metres long by 25 metres wide. A goal is at both ends of the field. The ball is similar size to a tennis ball. To score you must get it into the net. Throwing it into the net gives you 2 points, kicking it into the net gives you 3 points, Heading it into the net gives you 4 points and hitting it with the racket into the net gives you 5 points. You can throw the ball to pass it. You can also kick it or hit it with the racket. A referee is needed. You cannot touch another player or you will get a yellow card. 2 yellow cards is a red card which sends you off the pitch and you cannot return for duration of the match. You can pass forward and backwards.

Equipment Required: Racket Ball


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