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Balance Ball (10)

The new sport of Balance Ball (10) was created by Fanta Conteh, from United States, but originally born in Sierra Leone. Created in November, 2014. The sport involves two teams. A coin has to be tossed before the start of game. The teams are timed when its their time to play minutes or less. The cylinder shape structures have different sizes and they also have points underneath. There are 10 players on each team. The team captain gets to toss the coins to start game.


There are two teams, each team has the same amount of players, 10 each to be exact. Before the game start, the team captains like to flip a coin, the coin will have each team team member's logo printed on it.

When the coin decides the fate of who starting first, then the loosing  team in the coin toss are all going to scatter around, the field and two people from that losings team from the coin toss can choose two out of their  team to be the ones throwing the ball from the opposite side of the field.

The team that won the coin toss all 10 of them are going to be in the center of the field, and also 10 cylinder shape cut wood cut shape and they have a top, but all of those things are going to be laying on the ground spread little bit far apart.

The job of those 10 team members that won the coin toss is to put those 10 cylinder shape wood like things and their tops on the correct colors in the field, while those two members on the team that lost the coin toss tries to hit anyone that want to do so, and the rest of the loosing team members jobs are to get those that's being throw to hit the team members to out them out whoever gets hit with the ball must got out of the game immediately while in the middle of the filed the two people from the team that lost the coin toss goal is to hit the team members in the middle with the ball and those in the middle need to balance the ball and stack the cylinder shape structures as soon as they can,because they are being timed.

The time is 45 minutes each game and there will be a total of 10 games, and if they all get hit with the ball even the last person the entire team get a -1, basically no point since that's the 1st game, but for instance if one person on that team stays in the game he or she need to stack however remaining cylinder shape structures by his or by herself under 45 minutes or less, and every minutes means a different amount of point, the quicker they stack those things the more points they get. But if they don't stack or all get hits when the 45 minutes comes they'll loose points.

The cylinder shape things have different size the big ones have less points and the little ones have more points. For the second game and the rest of the other games no coin toss need to take place, 45minutes all team members need to take their positions, to start the new game.

The balls are going to be checked out before any games, to prevent foul play, the other team may not try to give the cylinder shape structures,only one ball is allow in the field, unless when they need to exchange in case if something happens to the ball being played with.


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