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The new sport of Armball was created by Cyrus Lassus from London, UK in November 2016. It can be summarized as football without kickers. A cousin to American Football, Arena Football, Canadian Football, Austrian Rules Football and Rugby, this new sport taken on some of the most exciting aspects of each of those great games and eliminated the most boring and unnecessary concept, that of kicking the oddly shaped ball. They are starting a league with 2 teams in London and 4 teams in Europe, and are working on expanding the network for their innaugural 2017 season.

Equipment Required: ball, helmets and pads (armball will have divisions that compete with helmet and pads and also without it).


The sport can be played around the world with any ball from any of its cousin sports, but a ball specific to the game will be introduced for all official competition.

The game can be played on pitches varying from 80 to 100 yards for the outdoor game, and much smaller when played indoors.

Similar sports create an unnecessary amount of serious injuries, including brain damage, which this sport addresses with serious penalties enforced against hits that produce whiplash as well as dangerous hits to the head, knees and ankles.

A power play, like in ice hockey and other sports, will take effect where the offending team will play with one less player for 2 minutes, in addition to a 15 yard penalty and possible expulsion.

The offending team has to wait until the next play after the 2 minutes have passed to line up 11 players again.

The offensive team will have 4 downs to pick up 10 yards and have the option to attempt a field goal or punt, but the ball will have to be thrown, unlike its cousin sports.

A field goal or punt can be attempted on previous downs, but it has to be announced before it can be legally attempted.

On 4th down, a fake field goal or punt can result in a completion.

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