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Arborball is a new sport created by Douglas Jones from Williamsburg, Virginia, USA in 1994. Until now we have seen sports played on courts, on fields, in water, on snow or ice, and even on the beach but NONE that are played in a forest. This is what makes Arborball unique, as it is the first sport that is designed to be played in the FOREST. Arborball is a fast-paced, non-contact sport that combines elements of golf, Aussie football, pinball, and even basketball.

Equipment Required:
6 Wooded areas 75 meters long and 50 meters wide (75 by 50 by 50) 
2 "Gaelic Football" style Goals with posts at either end. 
1 "Australian Rules Football" size kicking ball 

Sport Description

A game of Arborball shall consist of 6 "innings" each played on a separate course much like golf except that the courses are in the forest and not in open space. Each inning will be 40 minutes in length after which time play switches to a new course. A typical match will therefore last about 4 hours. Whichever team has the most total points at the end of the 6 innings of play shall be the winner. If the game is tied after 6 innings the teams will restart and play OT (7th, 8th, etc.) innings until a winner emerges.  There are no ties or sudden death OT. 

Each team of up to 5 players will take turns punting a ball through the forest toward their opponent's goal.  Any kick sending the ball into the opposing goal (an undergoal) is worth 2 points.  Any shot carrying over the opposing goalposts (an overgoal) is worth 1 point.  Additionally any shot deflecting off a tree and scoring carries a 1 point bonus (i.e. making 3 pts for an undergoal and 2 pts for an overgoal). 

After each scoring kick the opposing team will restart play at the 10 meter line.  After each non-scoring kick the opponents will shoot from the spot the ball has landed at and come to rest.  Either way there is a 30 second shot clock to get each shot away. 

Arborball is a NON-CONTACT sport and there are no goalies.  Players are not allowed to interfere with their opponent's shots in any way.

Notes from the Creator:   I think this sport could ultimately be a good replacement for American football which has become too violent and unsafe.  I also think this is a game that could be played on a Global level as it has elements of many international sports from various countries besides the USA.  I would love to see the game take off on a global basis and would want to be the first commissioner of the IAL (International Arborball League). 

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