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Aqua Cricket

The new sport of Aqua Cricket was created by James Cook of England in September 2015. The sport is essentially cricket played across a swimming pool giving the varied bounce of a village green! fielders are given the chance to dive across the pool to catch the ball with finesse and guile.


The game is played around an elliptical pool with a length of around 22yards. The room should be surrounded by walls that the batsmen can score runs off.

There are six players to a team: 1 bowler, 1 wicket keeper and 4 fielders. with a batsmen at the opposite end to the bowler. There are three stumps 1.5m high and 20cm wide.

The bowler can bowl a valid ball provided it pitches on the water's surface first, otherwise it is called a no ball, hitting the wicket means the batsmen is out. The batsmen scores 1 run for hitting the ball into the water, 2 runs for hits the perimeter of the pool or along the outer ring, 4 runs for hitting the wall below the boundary line and 6 runs if it is hit above the boundary line.

fielders can catch the ball with two hands, unless it rebounds off the wall then it must be caught with one hand. If a fielder catches the ball in the water then runs are removed from the batters score depending on the complexity of the dive - this judged on a scale of 1-5 runs.

when all 6 players are out the team switch.


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