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The new sport of Anbalines was created in July 2015 by Tony Etoh of Nigeria. The name Anbalines comes from hANdBAll and LINES, because the aim of the game is to get the ball with your hands inside the lines of 3 squares on one side and 6 squares on both sides.

Equipment Required: Requirement For Playing The game


The game can be played using 3 Balin on 3 Tain with a total of 12 players on one side as the pop and another 3 Tain and 12 players on the other side as the pip.

The two sides comprising of a total of 24 players as the guardian of the box for both sides must prevent the Balin from entering the Tain on their side.

When the guardian of the pop side throw their Balin into the Tain to pop the box open on the pip side. The pip guardians must defend their Tain from the attack by the pop guardian not to pop their Tain.

If they succeed in defending their Tain, they must counter the attack of the pop with a throw to pip the Tain of the pop and close the box.

To successfully defend your Tain, the pip and pop sides must catch the Balin in the air when the Balin is thrown at their Tain before entering the air space of their Tain and landing inside the Tain to get a score as pip or pop depending on which side made the Balin enter the box.

The objective is to get the Balin over the box guards inside the target Tain to pip or pop any of the 6 Tain from the two sides.

The boxes are of different sizes, the biggest box is guarded by 6 guards, and the medium box is guarded by 4 guards while the smallest box is guarded by 2 guards.

The allocated time to complete the game is 60 minute in 2 equal halves.

The small box require 6 pip or pop within the time to be struck out of the game, the medium box require 12 pip or pop while the large box require 18 pip or pop to be struck out too.

The total number of pip or pop required to win the game by any of the two sides is 72 in two halves of 36 and 10 strike out. The guards are divided into two sides as pip or pop to contest for victory.

The pop side must pip all 3 boxes with the required number of pop in the Tain from the opposing side within the allotted time while the pip side must pop all 3 boxes with the required number of pip in the Tain from the other side within the allocated time to emerge a winner.

The side with the most pip or pop within the time or with the most strike out wins the game.


To begin the game a coin is use to decide which of the side will play as Pop.

The Pop side then makes their fair game advantage throw.

Once the throw is received, it can be punched or pampered by the Pip side, who can then reply with a throw that could be either punched or double punched, depending, on the attack or defense strategy that the coach may have suggested; for his or her side, to achieve the required number of pip or pop to emerge the winner. Piping or popping the Balin in the air, in motional motion with the other 2 Balin in the 3 pair box; to enter the target Tain.

At half time, a total of 36 pip or pop and 5 possible strike out is expected. Switching sides, the Pop side become the Pip and the Pip side becomes the Pop, with their own fair game advantage throw and a repeat of the number of 36 pop or pip with 5 possible strike out is anticipated.

Making a total of 72 pip or pop and 10 possible strike out; at full time, so that the side with the most pip and pop together with the most strike out will emerge the winner of the biggest Balin, and lots of champagne to pop the sweetest happiness; after their due punishment to Tain the guardian standing on their toes defending their Tain.


  1. Get a ball and label it as Balin for the objective of the game. Place the Balin in front of yourself with 30cm distance from your leg being a character in the game. A ruler can be used to measure this distance where precision is needed.
  2. Position both legs such that the Balin is between them from that distance spread at least 15cm apart from both legs. Then on the floor, draw a target box as Tain 1.5m away from the Balin with a size of 100cm length and 70cm breadth so that power is needed to move the Balin to target.
  3. Begin by lifting the right leg followed by the left leg in quick succession without kicking the Balin for half to one minute, and then kick the Balin into the Tain gently to enter inside the box and remain there. If you fail to put the Balin inside the target, repeat step 3 again until you succeed. When you successfully kick the Balin into the Tain, then you can repeat the activity this time with your hand instead of your leg throwing the Balin from the right angle to roll gently into the Tain if the distance of the Balin to the Tain is increased to 3m.

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