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American Rugby

The new sport of American Rugby was created by Steve Brooks from Houston, Texas in 2008. American Rugby includes elements of rugby union, rugby league, American football, Gaelic football, and Australian football, but it is a unique sport.  American Rugby rewards athletic versatility, physical fitness and endurance, creative play, and intelligent initiative by players.

American Rugby rewards athletic versatility because each player must be able to catch the ball, run with the ball, pass the ball backwards or sideways, throw the ball forwards, punt the ball, kick the ball, hike the ball, and tackle the ball carrier on defense.

American Rugby rewards physical fitness and endurance by featuring open-field running on virtually every play.

American Rugby rewards creative play because a punt after almost every tackle makes it impossible for the offensive team to plan its attack.

American Rugby rewards intelligent initiative by offering multiple scoring options.

Equipment Required


The game starts with a kickoff like American football, but there is no blocking.  Instead, the ball carrier can pass the ball backwards or sideways to a teammate.

Gang tackling is not allowed and only one defender at a time can attempt to tackle the ball carrier by grabbing him. When the ball carrier is tackled, play stops and the ball carrier then punts the ball to the other team with all of his teammates (other than the snapper) behind him. The teams continue to punt the ball to each other until one team scores.


There are nine ways of scoring:

1. One-point punt;
2. Two-point throw;
3. Three-point field-goal;
4. Four-point try;
5. Five-point penalty try;
6. One-point kick conversion after a try or penalty try;
7. Two-point throw conversion after a try or penalty try;
8. Three point field goal conversion after a try or penalty try;
9. One-point safety by the defensive team.

Note from creator: American football destroys the brains and health of its participants.  It is also overspecialized and over-coached. Only a tackling sport will be able to replace American football. Rugby has had over a hundred years in the USA, but has failed to challenge American football.  I believe that American rugby will be able to replace American football.

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