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The new sport of Airball was created by S Rogers from Australia in August 2014. The aim of Airball is similar to volleyball - to keep the ball in the air above a net. It is played in a circular court of diameter 16m. Set played to 15 Points. Best of two sets.


Each Team Consists Of Five Players. Two Handlers And Kickers Each And A Freeman.

Handlers Can Make Open Handed Hits, Digs And Overhand Smashes And Blocks At The Net . Kickers Can Only Kick The Ball With Their Feet All The Way Up To Their Knees . They Can Not Block At The Net And Have To Stay Behind The Two Metre Line While Making Contact With The Ball. The Freeman Is The Only Player Allowed To Catch
the Ball While In Play After Which He Can Throw It Or Give It An Overhand Serve While Tossing It Up. He Is The Only Member Allowed To Serve . However He Can Not Touch It With Any Part Other Than His Hands And Has To Stay Behind The Five Metre Line While Making Contact With The Ball . A Team Can Not Make More Than Three Contacts With The Ball at One Time And No. Player Can Make Two Or More consecutive Contacts . Aces And Return AcesĀ  Are Not Counted . Service Is Done From The Behind The Service Line ( Seven Metre Line ) . Substitutions Are Unlimited And The Bench Usually Consists Of Three Reserve Kickers And Handlers Each And One Reserve Freeman . Substitution Can Only Occur During Timeouts Or Between The Sets . The Court Is A Synthetic Hardcourt .

Equipment Required

Airball Ball ( 16.5 Inches by 17.15 Inches . Kangaroo Leather Outer Covering . Rubber Bladder )
Airball Net ( Nylon ). Net Is 16 M Long, 3 M High And 1.2 M Wide . Supported By Two Metal Poles .
Airball Slippers ( For Handlers And Freeman . Made Of Rubber )
Airball Boots ( For Kickers . Football Boots Without Studs )
Airball Gloves ( For Handlers And Freeman . Rubber Tight Fit Gloves )
Airball Vest
Airball Shorts
Knee Pads
Bib ( Indicating Position )

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