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Aiden Ball

Aiden Ball is a new sport created by Aiden Jones from North Wales in May 2016. The game is played on a grass field about 6 metres in width and 20 metres in length. There is a full sized football/soccer goal on either side of the field.

Equipment Required: Helium filled football, two full sized football goals.


The game is a cross between Football and Volleyball, and is made up of 2 teams of 6. It's played on a grass field about 6 metres in width and 20 metres in length. The pitch is split into two halves, one for each team.

The aim of the game is to punch/kick the helium filled ball into the opposing teams goal, which is placed at the end of their half. Whilst doing this, you will also halve to defend your goal, which is placed at the end of your half. To defend the goal, players will have to act like goalkeepers in football, and save the shot. 

Two important rules to remember is players cannot touch the ball more than once if the ball is in their half, and each team has 6 seconds to get the ball out of their half and into their opponents. Players cannot enter the oppositions half at any time of the game, and unlike football they're allowed to use their hands to control the ball, but aren't allowed to catch it. If they do, the referee will stop the game as this is considered foul play.

Other areas of foul play include; entering your opponents half, taking more than one touch, catching the ball, throwing the ball, and time wasting. If a player does however commit a foul, the opposition will win a penalty which is a shot taken from halfway.

To start the game, a coin is tossed and the winner will get kick off, which means they start with the ball, and unlike normal play players can take as many touches as they want (under the 6 second rule though). This process will also occur if the ball goes out of play.

The scoring system is as follows; the game consists of sets, and teams will have to try and win the most sets. To do this they need to be the first team to score ten goals. When that is done the score will reset and the team that scored ten first will earn a set. And it continues until one team reaches 5 sets, where they will then win the overall game.

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