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4-Squares is a new sport created by Katleho Lehlokoane from South Africa, Gauteng Vereeniging in April 2016. 4-Squares can be played by a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players. It is played inside 4 Squares which are labelled K for King, P for Prince, D for Duke and C for Commoner. The Aim of 4-Squares is to keep a ball inside the Squares and in constant motion by continually passing (Through Bouncing It On the Ground or Floor) it. Players must only use ONE Hand and no other body parts to pass the ball. There are NO TEAMS in 4-Squares thus players have to go head to head.


The Field layout of 4-Squares is:the 4 Main Squares labelled K for King, P for Prince, D for Duke and C for Commoner in the middle of the Quad (Square) field. Then 8 Qualifying Squares (All labelled with a C for Commoner), in groups of 2 placed separately at each corner of the Quad field.

Points are earned in the Q-Squares when:A player gets a Double Bounce(when a ball bounces twice in his own Square)then the point goes to the player's opponent. The point/s must go to the opponent who played the ball to the player who subsequently got the Double Bounce.

A player is able to get the ball past his opponent and his Square.

Important: Before the King can make his Decision or choice, the players who are Already in the 4 Main Squares Must Move One Rank Up from where they Are. This means that the Replacement will Start as a Commoner.

Terms with Definition:

  1. Double Bounce-when the ball, which is in play, Bounces Twice in a player's Square.
  2. First Bounce-the first-ever Introduction of the ball Into play by the King
  3. Direct play-when a player Plays the ball Directly Into another player's Square Without Bouncing the ball In His Own Square First
  4. Changeover-when a player Loses His Rank and Has to Crossover to his Next Rank (the term also applies when a player Gains a Rank Too)
  5. Step-in-when a player steps into another player's Square
  6. Replay-(Not to be confused with the First Bounce) when the King Replays the ball Into the Game Subsequent to Any Incident that Initially Stopped the motion or play of the ball
  7. Overhead Bounce-when or if the ball is bounced High enough not go over the Head or Body of Another player
  8. Recess-the little break taken in between the 2 Halves of the game.
  9. Clutched Ball-when a player Stops the motion or play of the ball by Grabbing a hold of it.

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