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Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the two most popular styles of amateur wrestling. In this style, wrestlers are prohibited from holding any part of the opponent’s body below the waist. The restriction is enforced to emphasis more on throw downs. The objective for a wrestler is to pin down the opponent's shoulders on to the mat. Greco-Roman wrestling is an extremely popular sport and is practiced in most countries around the world.

There are four categories based on age starting from 14, each of which has weight classifications. Age 20 and above fall into the senior's category which has seven weight classes from 50 to 120kg. Matches are conducted only between wrestlers in same weight class.

A match lasts for three 30-minuite periods. Points are awarded to both wrestlers based on the both offense and defense moves for each period. The points breakdown are, Takedowns (1 to 2 points), Exposures (1 point), Reversals (1 points), Penalties (1 or 2 points), and Out-of-Bounds (1 point). If the match does not end in a Win by Fall, the wrestler who wins two out of the three periods is declared as the winner.

Greco-Roman wrestling is part of the Olympic Games where bouts for both men and women for several weight classifications are conducted.

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