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Vx the Sport

Vx was created in 2006, originally known as Rock-It-Ball. It is one of the simplest sports there is - no goals, no zones, no markings, no targets - just  the opposition. The Americans call it Dodgeball on steroids. However, unlike dodgeball players can go anywhere on court. Unlike dodgeball a player is not 'out' when hit.  (s)he has to stand and look at the referee and raise his/her hand to indicate the hit.  The referee records the point and tells the player to continue. So it is a game of honor, sportsmanship and integrity.

It is a mixed sport - males and females play on an equal basis. there are no ratios. It is accessible to the disabled and has had a massive impact in schools. VX is having an amazing impact in many areas and is being used by soccer, hockey, rugby and lacrosse coaches for conditioning, balance, agility, speed, reflexes, hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness

In its short life it has gone from nothing to thousands of schools in the UK and is now going into universities, colleges, leisure centres, prisons, the military, PCTs and youth organisations. It now has a foothold in 24 countries with 14 NGBs (of which some are more pro-active than others).  There are exit routes through to international level with competition at all levels

Schools find it helps drive participation, especially among the less sporty.  It is inclusive and accessible to the disabled.


VX - team game.  Played in a sports hall (roughly 4-badminton court size). Two teams of 5 players. 5 balls in play. One team starts at one end, the other team at the other end.  Once the balls are kicked into play the players can go anywhere one court.

Each player has a VstiX (which is a control bar with a thrower/catcher at each end.  the player should 'dribble' by rocking the ball from end to end. points are scored by hitting an opponent (shoulders to feet) with a ball, scores 1 point.  Catching an opponent's shot scores 2 point.  All infringements incur a 3-point penalty.
time periods - 4 quarters of 4 minutes.

V2 - singles. Played on a squash court with 3 balls.  2 periods of 4 minutes

V4 - doubles.  Played on a squash court with 4 balls.  2 periods of 4 minutes


VstiX, score counters, balls

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