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Tricking is like martial arts and gymnastic fused together. Instead of this being a sport it is seen more like a training discipline. Performers combine martial arts movements with flips, kicks, twists and various dance moves to show off their tricks. The goal is to provide the audience with a memorable, aesthetic display of human mobility.

In this particular community, the performers are referred to as trickers or tricksters. There is no particular training for this sport. Instead, tricksters come from a variety of different martial art, gymnastic and dancing styles.

It was during the 1960s that the martial arts underwent a period of flashy display. There was an emphasis on spinning, jumping and flying kicks into international competition. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that tricking emerged as a viral online sport.

Small groups of tricksters throughout various communities come together to show off and practise new skills. Often YouTube is the place to showcase, learn and grow their communities. In 2008, the sport has begun to gain more publicity and popularity due to these communities growing bigger and bigger every year.

Interesting Fact: In this sport there are no formal rules. Instead, tricksters put on a performance that is completely freestyle while rooted in their own personal training.

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