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Rinkball is a game very similar to Rink Bandy. Rink Bandy was developed in Sweden in the 60’s. It was made for bandy players to practice for a longer time on ice. Rinkball was then later made a sport of its own.

Rinkball uses a bandy ball. The sport is played on an ice hockey rink. One rink ball game lasts 60 minutes, which has two 30-minutes halves, or three 20-minute periods. Rinkball has similar rules to normal handy. It uses a smaller playing area so not much players are used, usually it’s six per team.

Rinkball gained international popularity in the 1980’s when Finland and Sweden played each other. Then the International Rinkball Association was made. Today, Russia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Switzerland, Hungary, and Finland are members of the association. It is very popular in Finland; the Finnish rinkball federation has 1000 teams. The first world champions games for Rinkball was held in Russia.


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