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Rink Bandy

Rink bandy is an indoor version of Bandy, played with the same rules but on a smaller rink. Rink bandy is very similar to Rinkball (it is played with ice hockey sticks instead of bandy sticks). Rink bandy was developed in Sweden in the 1960’s.

Rink bandy uses a bandy ball. The sport is played on an ice hockey rink. A rink bandy game lasts 60 minutes, comprised of two 30-minutes halves, or three 20-minute periods. Rink bandy, just like rink ball, has similar rules to normal bandy. It uses a smaller playing area so not as many players are used, usually it’s six per team.

rink bandy game rink bandy game

This sport is part of the Federation of International Bandy. Before, there were European championships held, but now there are no more championships. The sport also used to be popular in Sweden but not anymore. Indoor bandy is becoming quite popular in Sweden. But in Russia, there are still a few rink bandy events.

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