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Paddleball (4-wall)

As name implies, 4-Wall Paddleball is normally played by 2 or 4 people in an enclosed four-walled court. Paddleball is a popular sport in United States especially in the areas of southern California, Memphis, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The length of this standard court is 40 ft while width and height of the front and side walls is fixed at 20 ft. The back-wall of the court is at least 12 ft high and there must be a ceiling.

A short line in parallel to front and back walls divides the court in equal halves. Service line of five feet is marked in front of and parallel to the short line and the areas in between is called service zone. From the floor, vertical lines of 3” are marked on each side wall and five feet back of the short line. These are receiving lines. Typical width of all lines is 1-1/2” wide and all are drawn in distinct colors.

It is played with a penn ball and a wooden paddle that must not be longer 17-1/4 and should weigh 12-16 ounces. The paddle can be made of other materials but it must not have metal rims for official tournaments. Playing rules are same as indoor racquetball.

Points are scored when the serving side wins the rally or if the serve is not returned. Winner needs to earn 21 points. The point will be replayed if there is any interference, ball strikes a player, ball breaking or if both players don't agree on if the ball is skipped off the floor prior to hit the front wall.

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