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Vigoro is a sport that is nowadays played usually by women in Australia. It was originally a combination of the elements of cricket and tennis, but its current form is closer to combined elements of cricket and baseball. Vigoro was invented by the Englishman, John George Grant, in 1901.

Originally, tennis rackets were used, and the wicket had six stumps. The key person in making the game popular was Ettie Dodge, who was the president of the New South Wales Vigoro Association in 1919 to 1966. Vigoro is played in a pitch smaller than a cricket pitch.

The balls used in Vigoro are also lighter than the ones used in Cricket. The bat also has a different shape, the handle of it resembles a paddle. Vigoro has two teams, with twelve players each. They will bat and field two innings. The aim of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team.

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