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Ice Stock Sport - Bavarian Curling

Ice stock sport, also known as Bavarian Curling (or Eisstockschiessen / Eisstockschie├čen in German), is a winter sport that is similar to the Winter Olympic sport of curling. Ice stocks refers to the implement that competitors slide across the ice surface. The ice stock has a gliding surface to which a 30m stick is attached. Competitors slide the ice stocks over an ice surface, either aiming for a target, or to cover the longest distance.

In the target shooting version, two teams of four players compete head-to-head, and the team with the most points after six innings wins the game. An inning consists of all eight players shooting one stock towards that target, also known as the “Daube.”

A team scores by shooting the closest stock to the Daube. The team with the closest stock at the end of an inning is given three points. The team with the closest stock also gets two more points for every additional stock that landed closer to the Daube than the competitor’s closest stock.

Ice Stock SportIce Stock Sport

The sport is traditionally played on an ice surface, though in summer some events are also held on tarmacs.

Ice stock sport was a demonstration sport during the 1936 and 1964 Winter Olympics, though it was never made into an official Olympic sport. It is still popular in many European nations: Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czechia and Slovenia.

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