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Shuffleboard is deck game in which players use cues to push and slide weighted discs along a long court into a scoring area. There are different varieties of this game – deck shuffleboard, floor shuffle board, and table shuffle board. Five hundred years ago, this game had been very popular in Europe. This can also be associated to billiards, air hockey, bowling, and croquet.

The game is played by two (single) or four (doubles) players. With the use of the cue, they push the discs towards the opposite end of the court wherein there is a scoring diagram situated. The scoring diagram has different areas – one for 10 points, two for 8 points, two for 7 points, and one for 10-off area. Players push the discs towards it to score, remove the opponent’s discs from the scored move/push, or both. If part of the discs reached the 10-off area and/or touched the front or back line, there will be penalties. Shots should always be done in straight line and forward motion of cue and the disc.

Nowadays, shuffleboard is becoming popular for people who are looking for an alternative to golf.

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