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Behcup is a sport that is similar to putting in golf; the only difference is, in behcup balls are putted through a goal line and not into a hole. The objective of the sport is to guide a ball positioned by an opponent, into the goal line. The sport is played in a field measuring 6 X 8m to 8 X 20m, with 10 golf or tennis balls and a club. Behcup matches are played in singles or as teams.

A match is played for one to six sets, where each set consists of 10 shots from each player. A player positioning the ball in the field is called the baller, who has 10 second to position the ball within the playing area, and the player putting the ball, called the cupper, has 15 seconds to hit a shot. Teams alternate to take shots and position the ball.

Shots have to stay within the playing field, and results in a foul if it crosses the field. Cuppers are allowed to strike only the ball positioned by the baller, and striking any other balls on the field results in a foul. Each foul results in one shot being reduced for the player. Balls have to completely cross the goal line to count as a goal. The player or team with the most goals at the end of the match is declared as the winner.

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