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Free Diving (Competitive Apnea)

Free diving is a sport which basically is a form of underwater diving which completely relies on the diver’s capability to hold its breath until resurfacing rather than using a breathing apparatus for instance a scuba gear. In the past, free diving was practiced by the ancient culture people to gather food and harvest resources such as pearls and sponge. Moreover, they also used to reclaim sunken valuable and also help aid military campaigns all around the world. Nowadays, free diving is itself a sport, as well as being a component of many sports, such as spearfishing, swimming, underwater rugby and underwater hockey.

The term freediving is basically associated with some competitive competition of breath-hold diving.

The main activity which attracts the most attention is the extreme sport of competitive apnea in which the participants attempts to attain huge depths, times, or distances in one single breath.

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