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Underwater Target Shooting

Underwater Target Shooting is an underwater sport played usually in a swimming pool. The sport was believed to have been developed in France in the 1980’s, this sport is mainly played in Europe. Other names include Tir sur cible subaquatique in French, and Tiro al Blanco Subacuatico in Spanish.

The sport can also be played in open waters, but event organizers prefer swimming pools because of visibility considerations. Equipment used include a diving mask, snorkel, fins, diving suit, gloves, speargun, and a target. The target is made of a 33-centimere by 35-centimere panel whose center is located 80 centimeters above the pool bottom, and this is supported by a frame.

The events are played with a time of five minutes per round, 10 shots should be fired at a fixed target. In between shots, the competitor should return to the surface, but the competitor is only allowed to reload the gun underwater.

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