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Scurry Driving

Double harness scurry driving, or simply Scurry Driving, is a sport where a pair of ponies pulling a carriage with two riders race around a track competing for the fastest time. 

Throughout the track there are cones with balls on top that are placed about 170 cm apart to increase the difficulty of the race. The riders must navigate between the cones while riding as fast as possible without knocking off any of the balls. If a ball is knocked over, riders receive a time penalty. A course will typically have between 10 to 14 obstacles. 

Scurry Driving started in the 1950s using barrels instead of cones and four-wheeled wagons. It originated in the USA then became very popular throughout Northern Europe. It was not until the formation of the Scurry Driver’s Association in 2001 that it became recognized as an official sport. 

Scurry Driving continues to take place throughout the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. They are often the end of show highlight at equestrian events. 

Interesting Fact: The ponies are often given names of common pairings such as Salt & Pepper, Spic & Span, Touch & Go, Big & Tall, Wild & Free, and so on.

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