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Dog (greyhound) Racing

Dog racing, which is also called greyhound racing, is a competition which is participated by a breed of dogs called greyhounds. Is it a sport? Although many call it such, greyhound racing does not fit our definition of a sport.

Dog (greyhound) RacingGeyhound Racing

The greyhounds chase a lure, which is an artificial hare or rabbit, on a track until they cross the finish line. Greyhound racing is banned in some countries as it involves a form of animal cruelty. In some countries, it is allowed.

In Australia, Ireland, Macau, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, and USA, greyhound racing is for entertainment and enjoyment, it is also for the gambling industry.

Some countries practice commercial racing, and some non-commercial. For commercial racing, certain criteria are followed. The first greyhound race was believed to have been held in Welsh Harp, Hendon in the late 1800's, it was supposedly an experiment.

A greyhound can only race until the ages of four to six. Some of these dogs are kept; most of them are adopted as pets.

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