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Synchronized Diving

Synchronized diving is a diving sport in which two divers perform the exact same dive simultaneously. The objective of the sport is to get the dive right and also maintain sync between the two divers. The sport, also known as synchro diving is extremely difficult and challenging. Though synchronized diving has been in existence for a few decades, it was not considered as an official sport until the mid 1990's.

In synchronized swimming, the rules for each diver individually remains the same as regular diving with additional rules added for sync between the divers. The types of dives, forward, backward, inward, reverse and twister are the same. But the format in which competitions are conducted and judged are different.

Similar to diving, synchronized diving has various codes based on the height of the platform from which dives are made. In Olympics, 3m springboard and 10m platform are the only codes used for both men and women.

In competitions, each pair perform six (five for women) dives of varying degrees of difficulty. The pair is free to choose any type of dive. The scoring depends on two components, the individual execution of each diver, and the sync between the two divers.

Synchronized diving was included into the Olympics very recently in 2000 and has been part ever since.

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