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Para-cycling is a cycle racing sport which was developed as an alternative for bicycle racing for disabled athletes. The sport which was developed in the 1980's is currently a major Paralympic sport.

Para-cycling athletes are broadly classified into four major groups; visual impairment, mobility impairment, cerebral palsy and handcycling. These four groups are further divided into 14 subcategories, which is the level at which individual races take place.

In the visually impaired category, a tandem bicycle is used in which a sighted rider acts a pilot. In the handcycling category, athletes compete using specially designed cycles with hand pedals.

hand cyclinghand cycling

Para-cycling races are conducted on both tracks and road courses. Some of the races conducted on road courses are, Road Race (for various distances for both men and women), Individual Time-Trial Races, and Handcycling Relay - Team event for both men and women.

Some of the races conducted on tracks are, Tandem sprint races (only for men), Team sprint (a mixed-gender event), 500m and 1000m time trial races, and Individual pursuit races.

Para-cycling was included as a part of the Paralympic Games in 1984, and continues to feature races of several codes for both men and women. Para-cycling is also a part of the World Championships and World Cup events.

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