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Novuss is a table sport, similar to billiards, in which players use a cue stick to strike objects into pockets on the table. The sport originated in Latvia as a compact alternative to billiards, and is currently very popular in Latvia and Estonia. The game is also known as koroona, though sometimes informally referred to as "Baltic billiards" or "Scandinavian billiards".

The table used for the sport is typically made of wood and is square in shape measuring 39in on each side. The table has four pockets, one on each corner. The objects used for the sport are small discs. A slightly larger disc, called a striker or puck, is used to strike the object discs. Players use cue sticks to strike the striker towards the object discs. The sticks used for novuss is much smaller than the ones used for billiards. There are a total of 16 object discs, eight each of two different colors.

The sport can be played in a singles or doubles format. The objective of the sport is for a player or team to pocket all eight object discs of the same color. Unlike billiards, players are not allowed to move around the table, they have to stand behind one edge of the table and make all strikes from the same edge.

An International Novuss Championship is conducted every year for the sport which sees participation from several countries.

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