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Brännboll, which is also called brennball or slaball in Norway and rundbold in Denmark, is a game which has similarities to rounders, baseball, lapta and pesapallo. The term brannboll is from the act of catching a player between two bases, which is called burning them (branna).

Brannboll is played on an amateur level in Scandivia (particularly Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) and also in Germany. It is played in parks and fields, and it is also part of the physical education curriculum in some schools. The rules of branboll vary in different areas, but they share some common rules.

Unlike baseball and cricket, brannboll has no pitcher; the batman throws the ball and hits it with the bat. If he/she hits the ball, he/she will then make their way around the four bases. The team can play as many players in the base as there are no restrictions. There is a world championship called Brannbollscuper which is held yearly in Umea, Sweden.

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