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Boccia is a ball sport, which has similarities to bocce, bowls, and pétanque. Athletes with physical disabilities contest Boccia. This sport can be played between individuals, between pairs, or between groups of three.

The goal of the game is to throw leather balls to a white target ball, which is also called jack. The first ball, which is thrown, is the jack, and then followed by two regular balls. After this, whoever is furthest away from the jack will be having the opportunity to get closer to the jack, or they can knock the opponent's ball out of the way.

A disabled person playing BocciaA disabled person playing Boccia

The athletes can move the ball using their feet or their hands, if they are severely disabled, they can use an assistive device like a ramp.

The referee will be the one to measure the balls closest to the jack at the end of each round. One point is given to the team for every ball that is closer to the jack than the opposing team's ball.


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