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Varpe is a Swedish outdoor game which is very old. It is usually played in the island of Gotland, and it is the most popular and important sport there. The game was developed in the Viking age.

It is similar to Boule, but they throw a flat and heavy thrower known as varpor or varpa, in Boule, they throw a metal ball ju. Varpa is a word which means throw. The varpor or varpa is made of stone or aluminum. Back in the days, stones are always used, but now aluminum is the ones usually used.

The rules are not that difficult, the object of the game is to throw the stone, or the varpa, as close to a pin as you can. You can either compete in a team or you can compete individually. If you compete individually, you throw 36 times, and you win if you are the one with the littlest centimeters to pin overall.

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