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Ball Badminton

Ball badminton is a team game and a type of racket sport, which is played in India. Ball badminton is played using a yellow ball made of wool.

Ball badminton is played on a court, which is around 12 by 24 meters, and a net divides it. Ball badminton can either be played outdoors or indoors. The game starts when the ball is served. The server should be on the right side of the court, and the server should move to the left when a point is scored. The ball can be returned by any of the players of the opposing team.

When the team reaches the 18th, 15th, and 22nd point, the teams change positions, but the server will continue to change between the right and left courts. In “fives” tournaments, a team can have eight formally designated players, and any of the five can plays. In doubles, the team use three players. Substitutions are allowed at any time.

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