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Speedminton is a racquet sport, predominantly played individually between two players. The sport has its origin form badminton, with modifications to make it suitable for playing in outdoor conditions.

A speedminton court consists of two squares of fixed length right opposite to each other, separated by a distance of 42 feet. There is no net in between the two squares. The only equipment required are the racquet and a speeder.

The objective of the sport is to hit the speeder to the opponent and keep it within the opponent's square region. A play starts with a serve, followed by a series of shot exchanges which continue until a player scores a point. Points are awarded to a player, if the opponent hits the speeder outside a player's square or if the opponent is unable to return the speeder back.

Speedminton matches are played in best of five sets format. Each set is played till one player reaches 16 points with at least a two point margin. If a player reaches 16 without a two point margin, the set continues until one player is ahead by two points. The player to first win three sets is declared the winner of the match.

Currently the International Speed Badminton Organization conducts several major international speedminton tournaments, with participants from various countries around the world.

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