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NFL Combine Testing Results for 2008

Here are the top 10 results from the 2008 National Invitational Camp (NIC), more commonly known as the NFL Scouting Combine.

The lists are compiled from unofficial data published on See also the listings of top results from every year of the NFL Combine.

For a description of each of these tests, see the page About the NFL Combine.

Fastest 40 Yard Times 

name time (seconds) notes
Johnson, Chris 4.24 Tennessee Titans running back
Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique 4.29  
Branch, Tyvon 4.31  
King, Justin 4.31  
Scandrick, Orlando 4.32  
Jackson, Dexter 4.33  
McFadden, Darren 4.33  
Barrett, Josh 4.34  
Caldwell, Andre 4.35  
Jackson, DeSean 4.35  

Fastest 10 Yard Times 

name time (seconds)
Johnson, Chris 1.40
King, Justin 1.40
Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique 1.41
Branch, Tyvon 1.43
Franklin, Will 1.43
Wilhite, Jonathan 1.43
McKelvin, Leodis 1.43
Molden, Antwaun 1.43
Demps, Quintin 1.43
Walker, Marcus 1.43
Zenon, Jonathan 1.43
Morgan, DaJuan 1.43

Most 225 Pound Reps

name reps Gholston, Vernon 37 Long, Jake 37 Laws, Trevor 35 Rubin, Ahtyba 35 Zuttah, Jeremy 35 Barton, Kirk 34 Ellis, Sedrick 34 Hayden, Nick 34 Balmer, Kentwan 33 Okam, Frank 32

Best Vertical Jump

name height (inches)
Stewart, Carl 39
Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique 38 1/2
Burton, Keenan 38 1/2
Talib, Aqib 38
Roach, David 38
Keller, Dustin 38
Molden, Antwaun 37 1/2
Simpson, Jerome 37 1/2
Shields, Arman 37 1/2
Sharpe, Glenn 37

Broad Jump

name distance
Simpson, Jerome 11'04"
Stewart, Carl 11'02"
Alridge, Anthony 11'02"
Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique 10'11"
Talib, Aqib 10'11"
Keller, Dustin 10'11"
Johnson, Chris 10'10"
Reynaud, Darius 10'10"
Molden, Antwaun 10'09"
Shields, Arman 10'08"
Stewart, Jonathan 10'08"
Wheatley, Terrence 10'08"
Brown, Thomas 10'08"
Cason, Antoine 10'08"
Fontenot, Wilrey 10'08"
McFadden, Darren 10'08"

Fastest Three Cone Drill Times

name time (seconds)
Douglas, Harry 6.57
Rice, Ray 6.65
Shields, Arman 6.67
Keglar, Stanford 6.70
Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique 6.74
Wheatley, Terrence 6.74
Smith, Kevin 6.74
Caldwell, Andre 6.75
Johnson, Jaymar 6.75
Moffitt, Ben 6.75

20 Yard Shuttle

name time (seconds)
Shields, Arman 3.96
Keglar, Stanford 3.98
Porter, Tracy 4.07
Cason, Antoine 4.08
Warrick, Nehemiah 4.09
Sumrall, Brandon 4.10
Walker, Marcus 4.10
McKelvin, Leodis 4.10
Grant, Michael 4.10
Caldwell, Andre 4.11

60 Yard Shuttle

name time (seconds)
A. Shields 10.87
D. Rogers 11.06
D. Roach 11.11
D. jackson 11.22
T. Porter 11.22
S. Sumrall 11.27
G. Barnidge 11.29
A. Molden 11.33
K. Burton 11.36
J. Rivers 11.36

Wonderlic Test

Here is a selection of the wonderlic test scores from the combine. This is not necessarily the top scores, just the highest known scores, as this information is not routinely released.

score name college position
38 Matt Flynn Louisiana State QB
32 Brian Brohm Louisville QB
32 Matt Ryan Boston College QB
27 Alex Brink Washington State QB
27 Joe Flacco Delaware QB
24 Josh Johnson San Diego QB
24 Kevin O'Connell San Diego State QB
22 Erik Ainge Tennessee QB
22 Chad Henne Michigan QB
14 John David Booty Southern California QB

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