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NFL Combine Testing Results for 2007

Here are the top 10 results from the 2007 National Invitational Camp (NIC), more commonly known as the NFL Scouting Combine.

The lists are compiled from unofficial data published on, and may not be complete. See also the listings of top results from every year of the NFL Combine.

For a description of each of these tests, see the page about the NFL Combine.


Fastest 40 Yard Times 

name time (secs)
Figurs, Yamon 4.35
Landry, Laron 4.37
Hill, Jason 4.38
Allison, Aundrae 4.39
Houston, Chris 4.39
Henry, Chris 4.40
Johnson, Calvin 4.40
Peterson, Adrian 4.40
Pittman, Antonio 4.40
Breaston, Steve 4.41
Hall, Leon 4.41
Robinson, Laurent 4.41

Bench Press: Most 225 Pound Reps

name reps
Tyler, Tank 42
Ramirez, Manuel 40
Blalock, Justin 40
Fry, Dustin 34
Kalil, Ryan 34
Coats, Daniel 34
Frye, Brandon 34
Cohen, Joe 34
Stephenson, Cameron 34
Lucas, Enoka 34
Bennett, Nathan 34

* Another notable performance in the bench press test at the 2007 combine was by qarterback Brady Quinn, who did 24 reps.

Best Vertical Jump

name result (inches)
Black, Quincy 41.5
Alexander, Gerald 41.0
Robison, Brian 40.5
Walker, Darius 40.5
Wade, Jonathan 40.5
Naanee, Legedu 40
Scott, Kenny 40
Mason, Mike 40
Rice, Sidney 40
Willis, Patrick 39
Robinson, Laurent 39
James, Drisan 39
Stone, Daren 39
Williams, Paul 39
Jones, Onrea 39

Broad Jump

name result
Stone, Daren 11'00"
Mason, Mike 10'09"
Baker, Dallas 10'09"
Jones, Jacoby 10'09"
Wendling, John 10'09"
McCauley, Marcus 10'09"
James, Drisan 10'09"
Scott, Kenny 10'07"
Allison, Aundrae 10'07"
Thompson, Paul 10'07"
Wilson, C.J. 10'07"
Robinson, Laurent 10'07"

Fastest Three Cone Drill Times

name time (secs)
Hall, Leon 6.50
Gonzalez, Anthony 6.54
McCauley, Marcus 6.61
Higgins, Johnnie Lee 6.62
Griffin, Michael 6.63
Davis, Chris 6.66
Bennett, Fred 6.67
Smith, Steve 6.68
Baker, Dallas 6.69
Dahl, Craig 6.69
Wolfe, Garrett 6.69

20 Yard Shuttle

name time (seconds)
Piscitelli, Sabby 3.90
Johnson, Rory 4.07
Hall, Leon 4.07
Mason, Mike 4.08
Gonzalez, Anthony 4.08
Wolfe, Garrett 4.08
Zabransky, Jared 4.08
Durant, Justin 4.09
Bradshaw, Ahmad 4.09
Griffin, Michael 4.10

60 Yard Shuttle

name time (secs)
Dahl, Craig 11.03
Coe, Michael 11.17
Wendling, John 11.20
Bennett, Fred 11.22
Black, Quincy 11.23
Gattis, Josh 11.24
Griffin, Michael 11.27
McKnight, Rhema 11.28
Davis, Chris 11.30
Wilson, C.J. 11.30
Meachem, Robert 11.30

Wonderlic Test

Here is a selection of the wonderlic test scores from the combine. This is not necessarily the top scores, just the highest known scores, as this information is not routinely released.

score name college position
36 Jared Zabransky Boise State QB
35 Drew Stanton Michigan State QB
31 Trent Edwards Stanford QB
30 John Beck BYU QB
29 Brady Quinn Notre Dame QB
28 Matt Gutierrez Idaho State QB
24 JaMarcus Russell Louisiana State QB
23 Jordan Palmer Texas-El Paso QB
21 Jeff Rowe Nevada QB
20 Luke Getsy Akron QB
18 Tyler Palko Pittsburgh QB
12 Toby Korrodi Central Missouri QB

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