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Golfing Terms

Just a few of specific golf terms that you may hear at the golf course.

A hole in one

The stance of the golf player before hitting the ball

Three under par for the hole - e.g a hole in one on a par 4. (see also bird terms)

One under par for the hole. (see also bird terms)

The person who is employed to carry the clubs and to advise on shot selection

another name for the hole

a small piece of earth that is scooped up when an iron shot is played correctly

a hole with a sharp bend between the tee and green

Two under par for the hole - e.g a hole in one on a par 3, or a two on a par 4. (see also bird terms)

The warning shout to the players or spectators in front when a shot is played.

another name for the flag placed in the hole

A system used in amateur games, where bonus strokes are used to enable players of unequal ability to play on equal terms.

Short Game
shots played around and on the putting green.

Nineteenth Hole
The name of the bar in the clubhouse

A tournament open to all players, both amateur and professionals.

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