Michelle Wie

full name: Michelle Wie
bio: Young US golfer with Korean heritage. She is heralded as the new superstar of world golf. Her skill and long drive has captured the attention of the golfing world. She turned pro a week before her 16th birthday, and has tried her hand oin some male events.
also known as: 'The Big Wiesy', a play on Ernie Els' nickname of 'The Big Easy'
born: October 11, 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii
physical profile: height: 6 foot 1 inch (1.85 meters)
sport: golf
other interests:
what you may not know:
  • In 2006, she was named in a Time magazine article, "one of 100 people who shape our world."
  • she began playing the game of golf at the age of four
  • When Wie was 10, she shot a personal-best 64 in 18 holes (Olomana Golf Links)


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